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"To make your life easy"

Our goal is “to make your life easy” with affordable solutions. Our clients are Russian and foreign citizens and companies in the following operational fields:

Law Office helps private persons and companies in all kind of legal affairs, registrations, permissions and dealings with authorities in Russia, EU and other jurisdictions. Our lawyers are experienced in various national and international jurisdictions and arbitrations.

Business Consulting assists your business operations and management, for example in start ups, in negotiations, in finding partnerships in Russia and abroad, in financial services and in investments.

Brokering offers services for purchases and sales, including real estate investments. It helps you to find the rights deals, markets, partners or companies.

Financial Services and Project Management are included in the above mentioned operations.

Apart from services in Russia, we are specialized in international transactions and serve our clients in English, Russian, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish.

For a confidential consultation or to reserve time for an appointment, contact directly the Chairman, Judge Peter Iiskola, mobile: +7(911)21 57 007 or email: peter@iiskola.com

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